Based in West Somerset. We are a small, outcome based active day-care service for people with learning difficulties and mild to moderate mental health conditions. We know this is a very big issue in today’s society and with this in mind, we like to keep our groups small. We also offer a transport service (pick up and drop offs).

The aims of R and R adult day care services is to provide clients with the skills they need to reach their full potential. We will do this by helping them to grow and adapt to the fast-paced world around them. With our own skills and relevant experience including Richard having a mental health degree and both having qualifications in counselling, further enables us to help support those with more specific needs including anxiety. Our aim is to achieve individual goals in various ways.

 These can include but are not limited to:


  • Life skills

  • Build self-confidence and develop coping strategies

  • Preparing for employment

  • Work experience

  • Volunteering placements

  • Community projects

  • Access to job opportunities


This will be done via a broad range of activities which may include:


  • Group and individual work activities

  • Sports – activities and games

  • Team building exercises / forest school

  • Workshops

  • Environmental based projects

  • Animal care

  • Volunteering in the community

  • Trips (camping etc.)

  • Creating a safe place where vulnerable adults can thrive at their own pace


This is based upon the individuals needs and abilities through our initial assessment.



We also offer an extended service for parents and carers who may struggle with standard day care times. However, limited spaces are available, and this will be based on a first come first serve basis.


Coming soon! We will also be offering a coffee morning for parents and carers once a month to build a strong supportive network for all.