Based in West Somerset. We are a small, outcome based active day-care service for people with learning difficulties as well as clients experiencing anxiety. We know this is a very big  issue in today’s society and with this in mind, we like to keep our groups small.

We also provide a daycare service for  the elderly in a fight to tackle loneliness and isolation, in a bid to protect client mental health and well-being.

We also offer a transport service (pick up and drop offs).

We like to work with our clients in a fun and exciting way, through activities that suits the clients needs and abilities. Socializing and feeling part of something is a big factor in our mission to promoting the best individual outcome for all.

With our own skills and relevant experience including Richard having a mental health degree and both having qualifications in counselling, further enables us to help support those we care for.

 We also offer an extended service for parents and carers who may struggle with standard day care times. However, limited spaces are available, and this will be based on a first come first serve basis.  

 Coming soon! We will also be offering a coffee morning for parents and carers once a month to build a strong supportive network for all.